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vSphere 5.1i virtual machine – wanna move it,its powered off and can’t – what gives?

Recently had an issue where i couldn’t migrate a powered off VM from one datastore to the other – the migrate option was grayed out (yep i could a scp but i was feeling lazy :)) – thing that tickled … Continue reading

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When your vSphere VM’s need CPU cycles NOW!

We had an interesting performance issue which reared its head recently. Environment Xenapp 6.5 environment. Hypervisor: ESXi 5.0 u2. Noticed consistent latencies on applications across the board, these latencies would in play no matter how “close” the users’ were to … Continue reading

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ESXi builds and encrypted passwords

Recently one of my co-admins was looking to streamline their esxi build process, was asking about what was required relating to password encryption. Tested by adding the below: %post section of the kickstart: %post –interpreter=bash /usr/sbin/useradd -m -d /home/T1 -p … Continue reading

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