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vSphere 5.1i virtual machine – wanna move it,its powered off and can’t – what gives?

Recently had an issue where i couldn’t migrate a powered off VM from one datastore to the other – the migrate option was grayed out (yep i could a scp but i was feeling lazy :)) – thing that tickled … Continue reading

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VSphere HA Clustering – best practices – nice and simple does it :)

Must say from day 1 with working with VMware have been a big fan of the clustering technology that comes with vSphere/vCenter, in comparison to the even the likes of MSCS its a sinch’ – suppose the one thing i … Continue reading

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When your vSphere VM’s need CPU cycles NOW!

We had an interesting performance issue which reared its head recently. Environment Xenapp 6.5 environment. Hypervisor: ESXi 5.0 u2. Noticed consistent latencies on applications across the board, these latencies would in play no matter how “close” the users’ were to … Continue reading

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Traffic shaping and Powercli

In my dealings with PowerCLI i haven’t had to go much further than to find what i need. Have an interesting use case for traffic shaping in our environment as we utilize Citrix Provisioning Services (PVS) and were looking … Continue reading

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VMotion and it’s port

Interestingly in all the years using VMware’s products i’ve never come across the following error: Migration [-1408237366:1279683851917265] failed to connect to remote host : Connection refused Quick google and voila What happened? Port 8000 need to be opened – … Continue reading

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Useful post-installation ESXi installation tip – check your cables :)

Worth running the following as a post install step – particularly for those multiple 1gb hosts you’ll still have lying about 🙂 # watch -n l ‘esxcli network nic list’ A good way of verifying each of your cables is … Continue reading

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ESXi builds and encrypted passwords

Recently one of my co-admins was looking to streamline their esxi build process, was asking about what was required relating to password encryption. Tested by adding the below: %post section of the kickstart: %post –interpreter=bash /usr/sbin/useradd -m -d /home/T1 -p … Continue reading

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Citrix PVS replacement in vSphere environment – Non-Persistent disk perhaps

Read an interesting article on non-persistent disks from Cormac Hogan recently and got me thinking. Number of Citrix shops have enterprise licensing schemes but would love to get the “image”-type functionality that comes with PVS, unfortunately either a pricey … Continue reading

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Mixed versions of ESXi in a HA/DRS cluster and what to watch for

Recently had to tackle this issue. Is a nice,precise article that covers some of the pitfalls well.

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DirectPath i/o and your heavy RDS/View/Citrix apps

Currently undergoing a large scale roll-out of a new RDS/VDI environment. One of the trickier pieces of the jigsaw will be the heavy-duty apps. Been examining what our possibilities are regards latency sensitive applications particularly with a view to our … Continue reading

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