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How to install System Center Configuration Manager 2012 r2 in a lab

In hopefully easy to follow steps 🙂 Enjoy!

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Think your VMFS partition is corrupted? voma and parted to the rescue

Came across an issue recently on one of our ESX 5.1i hosts, looked awfully like the something went awry with partition tables. Disk sizes were skewed and generally performance and kernel logs showed some quite non-descript errors. Turns out voma … Continue reading

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Windows 2012 – TCP Receive Window Auto-tuning – 1gb network on a 1gb line!

Sounds dry subject matter eh? just something that jumped out at me while reviewing the Windows 2012 performance tuning guidelines doc “Tuning TCP TCP Receive Window Auto-Tuning Prior to Windows Server 2008, the network stack used a fixed-size receive-side window … Continue reading

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XenApp 6.5 Configuration Logging Handy tip

When adding your XenApp 6.5 configuration logging DB you’ll probably by default come across a SSPI handshake error. Easy fix around it Job done 🙂

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UE-V and the write cache

Last week got an issue with a POC environment we had some users on, reporting the PVS vDisk they where running on kept kicking them out every hour or so. From some a spot of quick inspection quickly was apparently … Continue reading

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App-v 5.0 and XenApp integration

Just an fyi out there for folks who are looking to utilize App-v 5.0 to publish/stream applications in XenApp. At present there is no App-v Conduit available for app-v clients running v5, have a ticket open with Citrix regards this and work … Continue reading

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