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Quick and easy tip – Xenapp published applications appearing on Start menu? client application folders to the rescue

Really quick and easy one this – just been noticing a build-up of published apps sitting themselves in the root folder on start menu. Quick tip to alleviate this is if you want to place into sub-folders use “Client Application … Continue reading

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SCCM 2012 SP1 + App-V 5.0 integration – still need Xenapp?

Interesting scenario we hit recently. Internally we looked to leverage the Xenapp connector for SCCM 2012 and publishing apps via SCCM worked ok. Main pain point was the SCCM client working in the PVS environment – check out previous post … Continue reading

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Getting rid of that pesky your virtual desktop is attempting to use your microsoft or webcam message for ALL :)

Or for that matter: “your virtual desktop is attempting to access your local files” Just released by citrix:

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Slow access to your citrix web interface page?

Running Web interface 5.4 – on first launch close to v.slow i’d gauge it launching the logon page. Did a bit of digging around and found this: Worked a charm, nice, fast and the natives are now happier 🙂

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Error -2147221164 during Desktop Director install? here’s how to fix

Will see the above pop-up generally near the end of the DD install sometimes relating to metabase compatibility To fix need to enable the metabase compatibility pieces of your IIS installation – sounds obvious but believe me on a slow … Continue reading

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Citrix PVS vDisk booting – covering the bases

This has been doing the rounds a while now, some excellent articles related to it. In particular covers it nicely. Regards it i just wanted to put a different spin on it. Customer site – PVS farm (version 6.1 … Continue reading

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PVS vDisks and the tale of Daylight savings time

Beware! Every year this gets me If ever around this time of year you reboot a PVS VM and get load 10000 off the bat and the server ain’t showing much in the way of throughput take a look … Continue reading

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