Deploy to VHD server option in MDT 2013 – Could be just what we need when deploying PVS images!

Recently been working with MDT 2013 and getting to grips with it. As part of my day job have to look after 6 or so PVS farms (with over 20 different vDisks) so time-consuming in itself. One piece I have always liked to optimize has been integration with MDT. Have got to a “reasonable” point insofar as producing builds but over time with the day-to-day workload the MDT image and the vDisk image gradually “grow apart”.
One of the chief bug bears as been that the v-2-v conversion eg we are a vsphere shop so we do a MDT build we have to convert the image into the PVS Vhd format which is time-consuming and not all elegant. Till I’ve seen this option under the new MDT release – “deploy to vhd server task sequence” – certainly one i’ll be testing.
deploy to vhd server

Will let you know my findings!

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