SCCM 2012 SP1 + App-V 5.0 integration – still need Xenapp?

Interesting scenario we hit recently.
Internally we looked to leverage the Xenapp connector for SCCM 2012 and publishing apps via SCCM worked ok. Main pain point was the SCCM client working in the PVS environment – check out previous post on this.

Given our somewhat mixed experience with toyed with the idea of ditching targetting device collection groups and rather just target user collections, that way a user would automatically pick up their
application whether they used their corporate device or virtual desktop. So in essence split each application into 2 Deployment types

i) Target for corporate devices – in this case the deployment option was set to “download and install..” application
ii) Target for virtual desktops – stream to server

By doing it this way it helped “ring fence” the activity and provided the optimum user experience.
It did also come to beg the question – why use xenapp for apps used in this way? one question i will be coming back to

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