How to publish and deploy Xenapp Applications from the SCCM 2012 Console

Hi all,
So after overcoming the pain of a duplicate GUID issue everything has worked swimmingly regards publishing and deploying Xenapp applications from SCCM. The environment we have running here
is Xenapp 6.5 HRP01 (+recommended post HRP01 hotfixes), using PVS 6.1 target devices and utilizing App-v’s shared content store feature.

How to publish XenApp application on SCCM 2012 Console
1. Logon to SCCM console

2. Click Application Management

3. Click Applications

4. Click into the Applications folder and click Create Application

5. For application type choose Microsoft Application Virtualization 5 from the drop-down list and enter the location of your app-v package (.appv file) and click Next to continue

6. Should see screen similar to the following – click Next if you see a green tick

7. The completion of the wizard screen should then appear. Click close to continue

8. Next we need to create a deployment type so that the application can be deployed/published to the xenapp server. To do right-click on the application you just created and choose Create Deployment Type

9. On the drop-down list choose for type Xenapp 6.5

10. For the next screen choose a name for your deployment type and click next to continue

11. In the publishings screen click New to continue

12. In the next screen click Next to continue if you are happy with the defaults (notice the Configmgr2012 folder – this is auto-created by the connector and will see this on the xenapp farm appcenter console – default area for SCCM-XenApp published applications to appear)

13. In the next screen choose App-v 5 virtual application and click Next to continue

14. In the next screen you should see your application appear created from steps 2 -8 – if so click Next to continue

15. In the shortcut presentation screen set your presentation accordingly

16. Next screen leave as defaults and click Finish

17. Next screen is the summary screen – click next to continue

18. Click Next to continue

19. Next screen you should see a green tick appear indicating successful completion of the deployment type. Click close to continue

20. Next we need to deploy the application to our xenapp server master image machine– depending on which machine golden image is being updated. Also very important that i) the server in question is powered on ii) server is pointing to its golden image in read/write mode) – to do right-click the created application and choose deploy

21. In the general screen click browse next to collection: area

22. In the collections screen click the drop-down tab and click Citrix Xenapp Farms | Worker Groups |

23. For the next screen click add to continue

24. Choose your appropriate DP points and click Next to continue

25. For deployment settings set as enclosed and click next to continue

26. For the schedule for deployment set to a time before the present time to ensure immediate installation and click next to continue

27. Next screen leave as default and click Next to continue

28. Next screen leave as default and click Next to continue

29. Again click next to continue on the next screen

30. At the the Deploy Software Wizard…screen click close

31. After completion edit the app-v DT and click on the content tab – change the deployment options to the below and ok to continue

32. Either wait a few moments or in order to hasten the roll-out you can go to the worker groups section under device collections | citrix xenapp | and pick your client -> right-click and choose Software Inventory Cycle & Application Deployment Evaluation Cycle

33. After a few moments should see the application appear on the client – to check logon to machine | all programs | SCCM 2012 | Software Center

34. Should shortly install or can kick off the installation by clicking the Install button, upon completion will see the status set to installed

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